About Us


NT of America Corp. was founded in 2002 offering a variety of cargo restraint and lifting products used in different industries, mainly focused to secure cargo and equipment on:

  • Transportation
  • Aircraft, vehicles carriers, truck parts distributors, trucking fleets, marine vessels, shipping industry, ports, and stevedoring.
  • Energy
  • Oil and Gas companies, drilling companies, refineries, and petroleum distribution equipment.
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction, cargo projects, and engineering.

    Our NT TIEDOWNS, NT LASHING and NT SLINGS brand-products are currently sold in North, Central and South America. NT of America has no borders in order to serve all your needs.

    NT of America controls the webbing manufacturing process, dying, marking, sewing and packaging for all tie down straps, cordage and lifting slings to achieve the maximum quality standards. Our hardware line meets and exceeds the industry, Federal and State standards; quality certificates are available upon request.

    NT of America introduced custom solutions as part of our customer service satisfaction policy and implemented the “Custom Master Inventory Program” offering personalized service and tailored systems for specific applications, such as keep 3.0 months of inventory for all its customers.

    We guarantee our products with:

  • Superior level of quality control
  • Expertise design
  • Test control
  • Field-testing
  • Competitive prices
  • Customer service policy

    NT of America's products line meets and exceeds the most demanding quality standards in industry. Federal and State standards, and quality certificates are available upon request.

    Our commitment is to be the most reliable and cost-efficient cargo control solution for Transportation and Marine industries.

    Our Customer Service Policy:

  • We build relationships, not commercial transactions.
  • We offer solutions, not products.
  • We offer the safest cargo control solution according to your needs.
  • Our warehousing and dispatch personnel will ship your order when you need it, with your convenience in mind.
  • Our Customer Service personnel will take care of all your inquiries immediately as per your request.
  • Contact Customer Service at 954-499 72 51 Ext- 0#